2017 events sponsored by the Orange Gun Club are listed below along with dates and times and a brief description.
Note: Events here are updated continually, so check back often to keep informed.

For meal tickets call Mark Kovalsick, President

Meal tickets also available at the Club House.
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Roast Pork FeedJan 14, 2017Snacks-11:00AM *** Meal-2:00PMJuicy, tender pork with gravyAll the fixin's - Yum
Rooster Booster 120Jan 28, 2017Pheasant Soup 5:30pm - Meal 6pmGeno's sauce - wowChuck's pheasant soup - perfect
Venison FeedFeb 18, 2017Snacks-11:00AM *** Meal-2:00PMBiggest crowd everTender - fall apart braise
Moose FeedMar 11, 2017Snacks-11:00AM *** Meal-2:00PMHow about those wild mushroomswith sausage, onion and peppers?
Kid's Fishing DerbyMay 7, 2017ShotGun Start - Fishing 9-11AM140 anglers - great time115 fish - and 600 hot dogs
NQA Kid's Fishing DerbyMay 21, 2017ShotGun Start - Fishing 9-11AMChilly but still funLot's of fish caught
Field Day and 120 drawingAug 26, 2017Snacks-Soup 10:00AM-Chix 2:00PM$15
Annual Turkey RaffleNov 16, 2015First Spin 7:00pm3 Spins for $1Prizes Turkey-Lobster-$5